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Thomas Ivor

Nine-year-old Thomas Ivor, as he's known to differentiate him from the three generations before him, has led a peripatetic life and had to learn to ride a bike twice, later in his childhood than we would have wished. A year on the trailer bike got him used to being on the road and amongst traffic, and many laps of the park near our house brought him to the point of being able to cover 40 mile days on the road, on his own two wheels, on an Islabikes Beinn 20 Large, which proved a wonderful, lightweight but strong steed. He's now moved up to a Luath 24, which has an awkward rim size and is being set up in a more 'bike packing' style than the traditional pannier setup he's used until now. He has enjoyed success in racing on the road and cyclocross.

Thomas Ivor is in the process of climbing and cycling between the 'Three Peaks' - the highest mountains in Wales, England and Scotland respectively - a challenge he has dubbed #CycloClimbGB. He has been interviewed for Islabikes' website about touring on their bikes, and has also taken up public speaking about his cycling - he welcomes enquiries about this, too. Here's what SayYesMore Founder Dave Cornthwaite had to say:

"From over 40 inspirational talks over the course of Yestival I don't think more have been talked about than Thomas Ivor's appearance on the main stage on the Saturday evening. In front of 400 people he captured attention, imagination and admiration with such a well-poised, funny and brilliantly delivered presentation. The standing ovation he received afterwards was well deserved, not just for his presentation but for his company over the course of the weekend. The laughter from his 30 minute presentation to over 50 people earlier that day could be heard throughout the festival grounds, and his wonderful smile was reflected in so many of our guests. Thomas Ivor contains so many attributes many parents would long for in their 8 year-old child. I wish him the best for the future, both at home and in adventure. Thank you for being the best possible ambassador for our festival, and an inspiration to our guests."

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Ruth, now four, was cycling before she was even born! Mum Katie rode her road bike until well into the pregnancy. 'Bicycle touring' is a favourite subject for our little girl, and she has escaped the trailer, swapping it for her Islabikes trailerbike. Meantime she also rides an Islabikes Beinn 20 - having recently decided she needed some gears, she liberated Thomas Ivor's old bike from the cupboard herself!


Touring Scotland before she was weaned, Rhoda became quite used to life in the trailer,  but is now starting to make her way on two wheels with the Islabikes Cnoc 14. She too has an Islabikes trailerbike, with Cnoc cranks for her little legs.

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