About Us

Hello! We're the Family ByCycle and welcome to our blog, documenting and sharing our cycling and other adventures with three children.

We are not hardcore cyclists. We don't think so, anyway. Neither we nor the children stake claim to extraordinary sporting prowess. We want to share the joy we get from exploring the world on our bikes, precisely because it's something almost any family can do!

We've cycled for as long as we both can remember and Tom has been touring on and off for almost twenty years, but it's since the children came along that cycle touring has really taken off for us. Rhoda went for her first tour, to the Outer Hebrides, at four months old, and has never known any different! As time has gone on we've worked our way through the ever-changing feast of equipment for cycling with children of different sizes, and indeed taught them to ride, gradually initiating them in two-wheeled adventures of their own. 

From babies slung in trailers and balance bike reviews to supporting expeditions, racing and public speaking with an older child, and most things in between, we have at least tried it!

We've been privileged to meet and work with wonderful people along the way, from kind souls who have opened their homes to our family, to speaking at festivals and sharing our ideas with friends in cycling trade.

Most of all we hope that whether you are just contemplating a day's bike ride with your children, learning to ride or already touring, you will find something here to encourage you to get out and explore as family, by cycle. And if perchance you don't - please let us know with a comment, here, on Facebook or Twitter. We'd love to hear from you and we'll see what we can do!

Tom and Katie Jones
Northamptonshire, England


  1. Hi Tom & Katie, my name is David and I am getting in touch from international press agency Caters News (wwww.catersnews.com) I'm hoping to work together with you on a story about your adorable video of Rhoda and the lorry driver so if you could please get in touch on davidaspinall@catersnews.com or 0121 616 1100 that would be great. Thanks

  2. Hi Tom and Katie,

    My name's Junique and I work for IAM RoadSmart (www.iamroadsmart.com), the UK's largest indepdendent road safety organisation. The charity is putting together a campaign for all road users to be more courteous towards each other on UK roads. The video of Rhonda thanking the lorry driver is amazing! It's so sweet and defines the whole objective of our campaign. I'd be honoured if we could use it as part of our campaign to promote and encourage courtesy between all road users. Please get in touch with me so I can tell you more about the campaign. My email address is: junique.aujla@iam.org.uk and phone number is: 020 8996 9629


  3. Hi

    Lovely blog. Quick question for you- with 2 kids (4 and 6) would you buy triplet tandem or double tandem and tailgator? We cycle on canal a lot and at times after cycling long distance catching train back, my worry is will triplet allow us to do that?

    1. Thank for your kind words, Kristi!

      Trains and tandems don't tend to go together well here in the UK. A triplet is almost certain to make you persona non grata, even if you reckon you can make it fit! That's not to say they aren't great bits of kit - we are building a tandem (or two!) at the moment, with a trailerbike rack on the back...

  4. Hi Tom and Katie, I work for BBC South West TV and would really like to have a chat to you about your experience of cycling in Devon and Cornwall and your lack of response from Devon and Cornwall Police. My phone number is 01752 234909 and 07734 002979. I look forward to hearing back from you - it'd be great to talk to you while you are still in the South West. Yours, Chloe

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  6. Hello guys. Hope you are well! We would like to use the below video of your daughter on www.lbc.co.uk and also associated social media channels with a credit back to you. Can you let me know if this is okay? You can also contact lucy.quaggin@global.com. Thanks. Lucy