Tuesday, 2 February 2016

A Flying Start

Last night's outing to our local cycling club was a runaway success. Thomas Ivor had a great time weaving in and out of cones on the tennis courts, they rode individually and in groups, concluding with a 'girls vs boys' team time trial, teaching them to ride for one another.

I've been involved in all sorts of activities for children, and all sorts of clubs and societies over the years, and was really impressed with the organisation, planning and skill that went into the evening. Every child got personal encouragement and feedback, and it was clear from the other parents present that it's a very popular group.

There being something of a Cyclocross bent to the session, Thomas Ivor came away wanted to sort out flying dismounts. A bit of GCN watching later, we set off to the park with the girls to give it a go.

I think it's safe to say that he's well on with it...

We're really looking forward to next time. Desert Storm is coming back, and I have some knobbly tyres to re-fit!

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