Friday, 25 September 2015

On Show

I wish we'd had the chance to go the Cycle Show in Birmingham this weekend, but pressures of family and Katie's work meant that if we were to go, the girls and I had to go today.

A big show at the NEC, preceded by and hour on the train, preceded by an hour on the bus, is a big ask for the three of us, and I'd already 'spent some tokens' with Ruth and Rhoda by the time we arrived. As a result I can't claim to have had the most comprehensive visit, and I never did get a picture of Chris Boardman's famous Lotus Monocoque, which I last saw at Leicester Velodrome (RIP) just after he took the hour record on it, longer ago than I care to remember.

Nevertheless, it was good to talk to all kinds of folk, old friends, representatives of tourist boards, purveyors of all kinds of interesting and exciting products, even a man who assured me he could do something to fix my plantar fasciitis, with some magic computer-generated orthotics! We also enjoyed talking to people considering taking up cycle touring with children and even got to have a sneaky trial, in stroller mode, of what will become the 2016 Croozer trailer, which proved to be the perfect tool for settling her down for her afternoon nap...

If you're serious about your cycling, it's well worth visiting the show this weekend.

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