Monday, 10 August 2015

Deep Breath

We did it! We're home. That's the first thing. Moreover, we are home safely, with all our gear, the same number of us as we left with. We also have proof of our endeavours in the form of a few broken bits of kit, some smelly clothes, filthy bikes and well over 2500 images and video clips to edit and share, which are still not all downloaded yet. It's funny, too, how the books and bits of paper strewn around the house from our departure all mean something so much less abstract than they did last time we saw them. Place names have been upgraded to memories and knowledge.

We want to thank each and every person who contributed to making our trip a success, and over the next few days there are a number of special people, not least our hosts, whom we want to contact personally and on Warmshowers to express gratitude and reciprocate friendship. That will take a day or three but the Amazon Prime man cometh!

For reasons we prefer not to dwell on on the blog, but those who have met us may have learned, it has been a difficult couple of weeks in some ways, and there are other, more serious matters we must attend to which were waiting for us when we stepped through the door of the house yesterday afternoon.

What we can say is that our French expedition worked out, and we are looking forward not only to sharing the experience as we illustrate and publish our blog pieces over the coming days, but to the next time we set the wheels rolling. Katie has got in the car this morning to go to work, with great reluctance...

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