Friday, 24 July 2015

Bolt-ons and a Bolt-hole

Before we set off tomorrow we must say a word or two about our new friend Ruth Casson and AMBA Marketing.

March 2010 - Just rolled out of the shop!
Five years ago, when we bought our Croozer trailer, we had never seen one before - we did our homework online, and then made a day-long schlep across Central London from Harrow to Compton Cycles in Catford (good shop!) to make our purchase. We never realised at the time, or for some considerable while afterwards, that it had come via a distributor whose premises we drive by every time we go to Devon to fetch Thomas Ivor. We never imagined back then, that we would travel as far as we have with it, either.

It was almost by chance recently that I found the time to drop in to AMBA Marketing's place in Exeter, to pick up the head support and insert for the Croozer, as Ruth had outgrown the baby sling. AMBA's charismatic owner, Ruth, is a true evangelist for her products and it was wonderful to be able to see the latest additions to that range, all sorts of accessories and indeed things like the WeeHoo, which we now have on long-term trial and of which more after this trip! One thing led to another and since our plans involved a start from her neck of the woods, Ruth kindly offered to look after the 'Daddy Bus' whilst we were away, and to put us up for our first night in Devon, once I'd picked Thomas Ivor up from school.

Croozers, Chariots, WeeHoos, and test pilots!

AMBA also distribute a number of other products of interest to touring cyclists, including hub dynamo systems, the renowned 'BOB' trailers, Swisseye glasses, and Busch & Müller lights, and we are very grateful to Ruth and her daughter Alex for providing us with a 'personal shopper' service, out of hours, supplying us with both lights and shades (get it?!) which we will also review in due course. The B&M rack-mounted rear lights are already looking superb and we have a bank of USB headlights charging on the new hub I received yesterday - another good buy.

It's been great for us to get to know one of the key kit distributors in the field of family cycling; Ruth and Alex have been tremendously kind and helpful tonight as, after a late arrival, we have scrambled to get things tied up for our departure in the morning. We have beds to sleep in, batteries on charge... Tomorrow we will be on our way to France!

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